Retrocommissioning through LEED Existing Buildings O&M Certifications

LEED Existing Building O&M certifications are a great opportunity to retrocommission buildings. Energy & Atmosphere offers up to 35 LEED credits for high performance buildings. Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) certified Gold in 2012 with 14 credits in the E&A category. Energy 350 was hired to implemented RCx and other engineering credits. A total of 28 credits were achieved in E&A for the 2018 certification pushing the building into the highest achievable level, elite Platinum certification.

Energy 350 assisted NWEA with identifying and implementing highly cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits. Because the retrofits were implemented immediately, NWEA’s energy performance improved drastically within the 6-month performance period. Thus, improving the Energy Star score from 79 to 89, netting an additional 7 LEED credits for the project.