Tacoma Power Commercial SEM Delivery

Tacoma Power selected Energy 350 and Stillwater Energy for their Commercial Strategic Energy Management (C-SEM) program delivery. Through this role, Energy 350 is responsible for all technical aspects of C-SEM delivery including leading the Energy Scans and assisting customers as they implement energy upgrades throughout their facilities. The C-SEM Energy Scans are focused on uncovering low and no-cost energy savings projects. We leverage our experience with building control systems and Retro-Commissioning (RCx) to ensure that savings from the implemented energy projects will persist.

Additionally, Energy 350 is responsible for Measurement and Verification (M&V) for the C-SEM program. We employ whole-facility M&V using stepwise and ordinary least square regression methods. By using a whole building M&V we capture all changes to the building energy systems including hard to quantify projects such as behavior-based initiatives. Our whole facility models are developed using JMP, a statistical analysis package. While the whole-facility models are necessary for M&V, they also serve a vital role by providing feedback to the participants. Therefore, we developed a user-friendly, Excel based, Energy Model Tool that is used to track participants’ energy performance and provide motivation throughout the engagement. A snapshot of a Hybrid CUSUM chart from our Energy Model Tool is shown to the left (or above on mobile devices).