Leia Adkisson (she/her)
Leia Adkisson (she/her)Operations Manager
Gregory Annis, EIT (he/him)
Gregory Annis, EIT (he/him)Senior Engineer
Angelica Boehme (she/her)
Angelica Boehme (she/her)SEM Coach
Kevin Campbell, PE CMVP (he/him)
Kevin Campbell, PE CMVP (he/him)Director of Strategic Energy Management (SEM)
Ross Charland, PE (he/him)
Ross Charland, PE (he/him)Senior Engineer
Jeff Davis, PE (he/him)
Jeff Davis, PE (he/him)Professional Mechanical Engineering & Energy Engineer II
Clark Fisher, PE (he/him)
Clark Fisher, PE (he/him)Director of Programs
Forest Giardina (he/him)
Forest Giardina (he/him)Account Manager
Phil Gordon (he/him)
Phil Gordon (he/him)Energy Engineer
Eva Haykin (she/they)
Eva Haykin (she/they)Project Coordinator
Eve Green, PE (she/her)
Eve Green, PE (she/her)Director of People & Culture/Senior Account Manager
Dave Hall, Ph.D. (he/him)
Dave Hall, Ph.D. (he/him)SEM Coach
John Heflin (he/him)
John Heflin (he/him)HVAC Trade Ally Manager
Kari Hidle (she/her)
Kari Hidle (she/her)Project Coordinator
Justin Hovland, PE (he/him)
Justin Hovland, PE (he/him)Senior Engineer
Scott Jasinski, PE, CEM, CMVP (he/him)
Scott Jasinski, PE, CEM, CMVP (he/him)Project Manager/Senior Engineer
Abby Kemp (she/her)
Abby Kemp (she/her)SEM Project Manager
Jude Kirstein (she/her)
Jude Kirstein (she/her)SEM Coach
Andy Krall, PE (he/him)
Andy Krall, PE (he/him)Energy Engineer
Matt Lucas, PE (he/him)
Matt Lucas, PE (he/him)Project Manager
Phillip McNamara, PE, CEM (he/him)
Phillip McNamara, PE, CEM (he/him)Engineering Manager
Ola Miles (she/her)
Ola Miles (she/her)Office Manager
Luis Morales, EIT, EMIT (he/him)
Luis Morales, EIT, EMIT (he/him)Outreach Specialist
Nick O'Neil, PE, LEED (he/him)
Nick O'Neil, PE, LEED (he/him)Director of Research & Evaluation
Jordan Pratt, PE, CEM (he/him)
Jordan Pratt, PE, CEM (he/him)Project Manager
Justin Ramsay, PE (he/him)
Justin Ramsay, PE (he/him)Senior Energy Engineer
Kelson Redding, PE, CEM (he/him)
Kelson Redding, PE, CEM (he/him)Mechanical Engineer
Nick Ridling, EIT, CEM (he/him)
Nick Ridling, EIT, CEM (he/him)Project & Account Manager
Adam Scherba, PE, CMVP (he/him)
Adam Scherba, PE, CMVP (he/him)Project Manager
Natalie Sherwood, PE (she/her)
Natalie Sherwood, PE (she/her)Engineer III
Chris Smith, PE, CEM, CDSM, CBCP (he/him)
Chris Smith, PE, CEM, CDSM, CBCP (he/him)President
Chris P. Smith, CEM (he/him)
Chris P. Smith, CEM (he/him)Engineer III
Mike Smith, PE, LEED, AP (he/him)
Mike Smith, PE, LEED, AP (he/him)Account Manager/Senior Engineer
Gertrude Villaverde, CEM, CMVP (she/her)
Gertrude Villaverde, CEM, CMVP (she/her)Energy Engineer III
Meg Waltner, PE, LEED, AP (she/her)
Meg Waltner, PE, LEED, AP (she/her)Senior Engineer
Josh Weissert, PE, CMVP (he/him)
Josh Weissert, PE, CMVP (he/him)Principal Engineer
Jerrine Wong, CEM (she/her)
Jerrine Wong, CEM (she/her)Account Manager
Sean Wynne, CMVP (he/him)
Sean Wynne, CMVP (he/him)Energy Engineer

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