Leia Adkisson
Leia AdkissonOperations Manager
Gregory Annis, EIT
Gregory Annis, EITSenior Engineer
Jake Brown
Jake BrownEnergy Engineer
Kevin Campbell, PE CMVP
Kevin Campbell, PE CMVPDirector of Strategic Energy Management (SEM)
Ross Charland, PE
Ross Charland, PESenior Engineer
Mike Christianson, CMVP, CEM
Mike Christianson, CMVP, CEMDirector of Customer Engagement
Jeff Davis, PE
Jeff Davis, PEProfessional Mechanical Engineering & Energy Engineer II
Clark Fisher, PE
Clark Fisher, PEDirector of Programs
Forest Giardina
Forest GiardinaAccount Manager
Phil Gordon
Phil GordonEnergy Engineer
Lisa Eve Green, PE
Lisa Eve Green, PEProject Manager
Dave Hall, Ph.D.
Dave Hall, Ph.D.SEM Coach
John Heflin
John HeflinHVAC Trade Ally Manager
Kari Hidle
Kari HidleProject Coordinator
Justin Hovland, PE
Justin Hovland, PESenior Engineer
Scott Jasinski, PE, CEM, CMVP
Scott Jasinski, PE, CEM, CMVPProject Manager/Senior Engineer
Caspar Kinsella
Caspar KinsellaEnergy Engineer
Andy Krall, PE
Andy Krall, PEEnergy Engineer
Kim Levan
Kim LevanSEM Coach
Matt Lucas, PE
Matt Lucas, PEProject Manager
Phillip McNamara, PE, CEM
Phillip McNamara, PE, CEMEngineering Manager
Ola Miles
Ola MilesOffice Manager
Luis Morales, EIT, EMIT
Luis Morales, EIT, EMITOutreach Specialist
Nick O'Neil, PE, LEED
Nick O'Neil, PE, LEEDDirector of Research & Evaluation
Jordan Pratt, PE, CEM
Jordan Pratt, PE, CEMProject Manager
Justin Ramsay, PE
Justin Ramsay, PESenior Energy Engineer
Kelson Redding, PE, CEM
Kelson Redding, PE, CEMMechanical Engineer
Nick Ridling, EIT, CEM
Nick Ridling, EIT, CEMProject & Account Manager
Katie Roessler, EIT
Katie Roessler, EITSenior Engineer/Account Manager
Adam Scherba, PE, CMVP
Adam Scherba, PE, CMVPProject Manager
Natalie Sherwood, PE
Natalie Sherwood, PEEngineer III
Chris Smith, PE, CEM, CDSM, CBCP
Chris Smith, PE, CEM, CDSM, CBCPPresident
Chris P. Smith, CEM
Chris P. Smith, CEMEngineer III
Mike Smith, PE, LEED, AP
Mike Smith, PE, LEED, APAccount Manager/Senior Engineer
Kjell van Zoen
Kjell van ZoenSEM Coach/Project Manager
Gertrude Villaverde, EMIT, CMVP-IT
Gertrude Villaverde, EMIT, CMVP-ITEnergy Engineer
Meg Waltner, PE, LEED, AP
Meg Waltner, PE, LEED, APSenior Engineer
Josh Weissert, PE, CMVP
Josh Weissert, PE, CMVPPrincipal Engineer
Jerrine Wong, CEM
Jerrine Wong, CEMAccount Manager
Sean Wynne, CMVP
Sean Wynne, CMVPEnergy Engineer

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