Angelica Boehme

Angelica Boehme is an SEM Coach for Energy 350 with a rich background in Education and Coaching.  

Angelica has extensive experience with organizational change, group facilitation, curriculum development and behavioral psychology. She enjoys building relationships, problem solving, and helping organizations achieve their goals. She is also passionate about empowering individuals to use their personal strengths in a dynamic team environment.  

Angelica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Willamette University with a focus on Behavioral Economics and Environmental Science. She later earned her Master’s in Teaching with a focus on Secondary Mathematics and Science, also from Willamette University.    

Born and raised in McMinnville Oregon, Angelica is a self-proclaimed “townie”. When not working, she enjoys: coaching, playing pickleball, boardgames, listening to podcasts, going to sporting events, spending time at home (and on the court) with her husband and snuggling her two littles.   

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