Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly is a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Coach at Energy 350.

Erin has over 7 years of experience in the sustainability space with the last 3 years spent working directly with utilities to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial customers. She is a self-proclaimed “party planner for the environment” and enjoys empowering teams to take charge of their energy use. As a collegiate cheerleader, she has taken her skills out of the arena and into her everyday life, always encouraging and supporting her teams to help them reach their goals.

Erin has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with a focus on Environmental Action, Policy, and Communication from Grand Valley State University and a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management from Virginia Tech.

When not working, Erin loves to be outdoors. It was a big reason why she moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Portland, Oregon in 2023! She spends her time on long walks with her dog Omie, on the Jeep trails with her partner, enjoying a game of golf, and winding down from her poor golf game with some yoga.

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