Luis Morales, EIT, EMIT

Luis Morales is an Account Manager at Energy 350. He engages with manufacturers face-to-face, with an emphasis on first-time customers, and underrepresented clients in minority groups and rural areas. Luis introduces available resources for energy efficiency, and conducts preliminary assessments of cost-effective energy efficiency measures through energy audits. He assists our clients through project implementation and conducts measurement and verification activities for final closeout. Prior to Energy 350, Luis held several positions in Quality and Production Engineering, and Research & Development at PCC Structurals. There, he worked on the development of Quality Management Systems, and automated processes using robotics and vision systems.

Luis is an Engineer in Training (EIT), and Energy Manager in Training (EMIT) with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). He received a Bachelor of Science degree with a Minor in Business and Entrepreneurship at Oregon State University – Cascades.

Outside of work, Luis likes bingeing movies, tv, and video games with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys Djing and producing electronic music, bouldering, and practices Jiu Jitsu.

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